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At James Insurance, we offer various levels of cover to find you the best deal on a car insurance quote that’s specifically tailored to you and your unique requirements.

We understand that standard motor policies are not suitable for everyone and sometimes a bespoke, wider ranging, Car Insurance Policy is needed.

We can source specialist motor cover for almost any vehicle from Electric Cars to Classics to High Performance vehicles. 

If you have multiple cars in the household we can arrange a premium family fleet policy to cover all vehicles in the household for all drivers in the household. These policies can often be arranged with agreed values for your vehicles, so you can avoid any disagreements in the event of a total loss.

We Compare Quotes from Leading UK Insurers

  1. Convicted Drivers

  2. Modified Cars

  3. Professional Sportsmen & Sportswomen

  1. Non-motor Convicted Drivers

  2. Drivers with previously Cancelled/Voided Policies
  3. High Valued & Performance Vehicles

Who Needs Specialist Car Insurance?


Drivers with previous motoring offences tend to face higher car insurance costs than those with clean licences — convicted drivers are statistically more likely to make claims on their car insurance, so costs are usually increased to reflect this risk. James Insurance is here to help, using all our experience to bring the cost of your insurance down.

If you use your car for more than domestic and social use, you may qualify for a Specialist Car Insurance Policy. This can including driving to and from work, professional drivers carrying passengers and Performance Car Insurance. High net worth individuals, including professionals, executives and high profile clients such as sports personalities and celebrities may also need a Specialist Car Insurance Policy to provide you with the correct cover you need in the event of an accident.

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