GAP Cover

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What is GAP cover and do I need it?

For those of you who have bought a new car, you know that as soon as you drive it from the forecourt, the value depreciates.

So what happens if your car is written off any time in the first 3 years after purchase?

Your Insurance Company will pay the current market value of the vehicle (at the time of the incident) – this may well be significantly lower than the price you originally paid.  It may also leave you with an outstanding balance to pay, if you had finance on the vehicle, and who wants to pay for a car when they no longer own it?

GAP Insurance covers this shortfall.  It pays 'back to invoice'.  This means that whatever your Insurance Company pay you, you can claim the difference between that and the original invoice amount from your GAP Insurer.

In short, you are protecting your investment!

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