Public Liability Cover


What Is Public Liability Insurance, And Why Do I Need It?

Public Liability Insurance is one of the most common covers purchased in the business sector. Whether you are running a retail business, shop, office, or out on the road working at third party premises, this cover is a must.

WHY? If people are injured on your premises, or you damage property at a third party premises, you will be the one in trouble! It could be that someone trips on a loose carpet in your shop and injures themselves, or, it could be you that knocks over a Ming vase whilst refurbishing a property worth £100,000!!!

You could be sued for injuries or damage, however, this section will cover all related costs, most importantly, legal expenses and compensation.

How Do I Get This Cover?

Most shop and office 'Package Policies' , will automatically cover Public Liability Insurance. However, you must ensure that the correct level of cover is in place, and you are aware of all applicable terms.

If separate cover is required, this is usually available with indemnity limits of:

  • £1 million
  • £2 million
  • £5 million
  • In some circumstances, upon request, this can be increased to:

    £10 million

    (This is usually by way of underwriting an 'Excess Layer' policy for the extra amount. It is quite often requested when contractors are working on local authority projects.)

What Additional Covers Are Available?

For Contractors and Tradesmen, the Public Liability policy cover can usually be extended to include:

  • Tools
  • Other Business Equipment ie: Laptops and Mobile Phones
  • Personal Effects
  • Cover is also available to cover Temporary Employees and Sub-Contractors

So Do I Need Cover?

Public Liability cover is available for a wide range of trades, stretching from an independent hairdresser working from home, to a building contractor creating new housing developments.

It is therefore paramount when taking out cover that you select the appropriate policy for you and make sure you are aware of all excesses, terms and conditions applicable.

Please give us a call, or request a call back, and we can discuss your requirtements, and as always:

If we can't give the best price, we will always give the best advice.

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