Excess Of Loss (Excess Layer Cover)

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What Is Excess Of Loss Insurance, And Do I Need It?

Commonly attached to Commercial Insurance products, Excess of Loss cover is used to increase your Public and/or Products Liability cover.  This increase would usually be from a £5m limit, to £10m, and is usually done to satisfy a ‘Main Contractor’ or possibly a Local Council that you are looking to undertake work for.

Cover can be arranged for ‘One Off’ contracts, or on an annual basis, with cover typically starting from around £350.00 per annum.

The excess policy will be underwritten by an alternative insurer to the lead insurer, that being the underwriter of your existing policy.  This is in order to ‘spread the risk’ and not leave one insurer exposed to the full £10m limit.  The policy wording of the excess policy will automatically ‘follow’ the wording of your existing cover in regards of terms, conditions etc.

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