Commercial Combined

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What Is This Type Of Insurance And Do I Need It?

You will be able to obtain a single policy which can provide a complete business insurance package to cover PREMISES and WORK AWAY.  This policy type will accommodate almost all classes of Retailing, Wholesaling and Manufacturing risks.

Commercial Combined policies can include the following:

  • Buildings Insurance
    This will protect your business against such things as fire, flood and other eventualities.
  • Employers Liability
    If you have any employees working for you on either, temporary, permanent or voluntary basis, then you must by law have Employers Liability Insurance (see our section Employers Liability for more information)

    It will make sure that you are covered if you are legally liable for an employee being injured or their property damaged whilst at your place of work.
  • Public Liability
    This covers your legal liability for costs and damages resulting from bodily injury or death to members of the public, or damage to their property.  (see our section Public Liability for more information)
  • Products Liability
    This is not a legal requirement, but if your business involves the manufacturing or supply of goods to a third party, then it should form an integral part of your policy.  When you have this section of cover, you can rest assured that your legal liability for the products laid out in the policy will be taken care of.
  • Stock cover
    The stock kept on your premises could be worth a great deal of money.  You should ensure that this is covered for the same risks as the rest of your premises.
  • Machinery & plant
    The construction industry by its very nature involves a number of risks.  Plant machinery is designed with this in mind.  However, this does not mean that damage or theft can not happen.  Make sure that you are covered for these eventualities just in case.
  • Contents/Computer cover
    Don’t forget the contents of your premises – excluding the stock.  These contents could be very expensive taking into account office equipment and computers.  They are also considered a high risk where theft is concerned.
  • Gross Profit Cover
    What would happen if an event occurred that resulted in increased cost of operations or a reduction in your turnover – could you afford it?  Make sure that you are covered for the loss of gross profit under this section.
  • Goods in transit cover
    If you use a courier or deliver goods yourself to clients, then you should insure the goods whilst they are in transit.  This covers any incidents that occur whilst the goods are en route to their destination.
  • Money cover
    You can also cover money on site.  This includes cash, credit card slips, cheques and bankers drafts.

We will always discuss in full your business requirements to ensure that all of the correct sections are covered.

Please give us a call, or request a call back, and we can discuss your requirements, and as always:

If we can’t give you the best price, we will always give the best advice.

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