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What Is Unoccupied  Property Insurance, And Do I Need It?

Most Home Insurance policies will allow you around 30-days absence from the property at any one time and still offer you full policy cover – however that is not good enough if the property you own is vacant for longer, you will most probably need Unoccupied Property Insurance.   This cover is available for residential and commercial properties alike.

It is pretty obvious why an empty property is a bigger risk than one with people living in it or attending it every day. The fact is most thieves and squatters are opportunists and they will notice when a property is vacant and that starts to ring their bells.

If the property is empty then it means the thief or squatter is much more likely to think they can break in and steal or do what they want without detection. The longer they are there the more chance they have of doing damage, stealing valuables etc. That means a bigger claim and more expense for the insurer and they don’t like that much at all.

It’s simple, if a property is occupied through the day then a thief is much more likely to walk away and go for a softer target where the chance of being caught is much less.

The increased risk for a vacant property is also true for weather damage, burst pipes, broken windows etc. If a property has suffered a leaking pipe for a month it is likely to have done a lot more damage than if the leak was detected on the same day.

So, it is a different risk for an Unoccupied property. And vacant properties can encompass second homes, holiday homes and let property that is unoccupied – for all of these you will need Unoccupied Property Insurance.

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