Tools Cover

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What is tools cover, and do I need it?

Are your tools of the trade essential to your day to day work?  Could you manage if they were stolen?

By taking out a tools policy, you will have the peace of mind, that your tools will be replaced with the minimum disruption to your business activities.

Do you have cover for them?

We offer a stand alone policy that covers your tools for loss damage or theft, including cover if they are stolen from your vehicle even if left in it overnight*.

What levels of cover are available?

We can offer the following sums insured:

  • £1000
  • £2500
  • £5000
  • £7500
  • £10000

It is imperative that you do not under estimate the value of your tools.

*Our policy terms are underwritten to match those on your vehicle insurance. ie: If your policy states that your vehicle can be left on the road overnight, the tools are also covered or if the vehicle must be kept in a locked garage then the tools policy will also state that they will only be covered in the vehicle if it is in a locked garage.

Please give us a call, or request a call back, and we can discuss your requirements, and as always:

If we can’t give the best price, we will always give the best advice.

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