Goods in Transit Insurance


Goods in Transit insurance does exactly what it says, it covered items whilst in transit, from one place to another, or whilst being stored during a journey, against accidental damage and loss.  Cover is usually required for the UK, however, cover can be extended abroad.  This would exclude transit by shipping, for which you would need to look at Marine Insurance.

Policies can be taken out to cover items in transit of your own, or, third party vehicles, and also by other means, such as the postal service.

The standard policy covers are as follows:

  • Loss whilst in transit
  • Accidental damage whilst in transit
  • Damage caused by accidents whilst in transit
  • Theft whilst in transit
  • Incurred costs due to delayed transit (in some instances)

Policy costs would be based on the value, and type of goods being carried, the higher the value and risk involved, the higher the premium cost will be.  Remember, the policy would normally be underwritten on a ‘New for Old’ basis, and not depreciated value, unless the items in question are second hand, such as antique furniture, so be aware of valuing items in transit properly when discussing the cover with us.

Add on covers , as always, are available, such as Legal Expenses cover.  Also, you may be required to prove values of individual items over certain amounts, as part of the policy criteria, prior to transit.

Speak to our staff for further information on 'Goods in Transit’ cover.

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