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What Is Shop Insurance And Why Do I Need It?

Shop and retail insurance is usually purchased now as a 'Package Policy'. This means that the policy provided will encompass all sections required to fully protect you and the daily running of your business.

These Sections Of Cover Would Include The Following Items:

  • Contents
    This covers items such as furniture, fixtures and fittings and all types of electronic business equipment
  • Buildings
    For premises where you are also the freeholder of the property, this section can be included, and also cover you as the owner for property owners liability
  • Stock
    All of your stock would be covered in the event of an insured peril, such as fire, flood and accidental damage
  • Business Interuption
    If in the event of your premises becomes uninhabitable to trade from, due to fire or flood for example, the policy will cover you to relocate and trade until your premises can be reinstated. An indemnity period of 12 months is usually applied to this section, but can be increased upon request
  • Shop Fronts & Signs
    These can be very costly to repair in the event of a claim. As an owner occupier of the premises or even if you are a tenant renting a premises, you will be responsible for covering the shop front, glass panels, doors and all signs relevant to your business. (With certain EU regulations having to be adhered to, a typical shop front pane of glass can easily cost in excess of £800.)
  • Employers & Public Liability
    This covers both your staff and the general public whilst on your premises, against personal injury, as a result of negligence on behalf of your business. For example, overloaded shelves falling onto someone, or, a customer tripping over on a loose carpet
  • Business Money
    This covers the money being kept on the premises, bot during opening hours, overnight, whilst in transit to the bank or nightsafe, and on occasions, whilst in transit to your home, as the owner of the business.
  • Seasonal Increase
    As the name suggests, stock figures will more often than not be increased at times such as Christmas or Easter. Therefore to reflect the higher levels of stock being carried over these periods, the sums insured automatically increase. A 20% increase is quite common.
  • Legal Expenses
    Should a claim arise against you or your business, this cover can be utilised to cover the legal costs and expenses. A limit of £100,000 of cover is quite common to see under this section.
  • Additional Covers
    Additional options are available to 'bolt' on to your policy, to specifically tailor the policy to your exact requirements, and we would discuss this with you


It is possible that certain endorsements and terms will be applied to the policy in respect of security. As well as the normal locks being required, such as 5 level mortice deadlocks, or locks conforming to British Standard BS3261 on all final exit doors, and key operated window locks being fitted to all accessible windows, further protection, such as window bars, roller shutters and intruder alarms may be required.

These will be discussed with you, and are determined by elements such as the nature of the business, ie: high end stock, such as camera retailers, and also the stock sums insured being high. Several types of alarm signalling are available with 'BT Redcare' being the preferred type by most insurers.

Please give us a call, or request a call back, and we can discuss your requirements, and as always:

If we can't give you the best price, we will always give the best advice.

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